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Is there a guaranteed way to have a boy?

Is there a guaranteed way to have a boy?

February 28, 2023, by Dr Javed Iqbal

We understand that “sex” and “gender” are terms that are evolving in our world, so before going any further, we’d like to clarify that when we talk about the sex of a baby in this article, we’re only talking about the baby’s chromosomes, the XY combination that is thought of as male.

Thus, the term sex mentioned in this article is determined by the sperm contributing Y and the egg contributing X.

As to whether there’s a guaranteed way to influence your chances of having a boy, no, there isn’t if you do not cooperate or adhere to the instructions given by our consultant or doctor. But if you follow the given instructions and take the proper medicines prescribed by the consultant, the chance of your choice will be 99.99/100.

In general, there is approximately a 50/50 chance of having a boy or girl if things are left to nature. It all comes down to which sperm wins the race, and millions of them are racing. We will increase the chance to 100/100 by giving proper medication, diet schedule, proper days for conception, etc.

That’s where the idea of influencing the sex of your future child comes in. Some argue that by using timing, position, diet, and other methods, you can alter the odds in favor of the male sperm.

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