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Terms and Conditions


We pleased to welcome you on a new world of right sexual health education and solution of sexual problems. Most of the sex problems are there due to lack of sexual health education and appropriate help to recover from them. We are trying to spread the knowledge by articles, books & video lectures available of our website. (

If you want to get understanding about any sex problem you can visit our website and watch the video lectures as well, you may be can suggest to others as well to get benefits of it. Keep visiting to website to get the updated and fresh information about every day’s need and ask for the detail if we are not providing you enough.

Terms and Conditions:

Imranz clinic is the Pakistan’s first ISO certified men’s Sexual Health solution center with natural energy recovery treatment (Herbs, Botanicals, Minerals Like Cures Like & Cell salts) under the direct care and supervision of Dr. Imran Sheikh.

There are certain terms & conditions set forth below, Please read this document carefully before accessing or using our Services.

  1. Your age must be above 16yrs.
  2. Your feedbacks is most welcome but be sure about your concerns and then submit it.
  3. FAQ’s section provide the general information about the frequently asked questions related to sexual health and other issues, that’s not similar in everyone.
  4. All articles and video lectures provide the general information about the particular subject that information may not be applicable on each individual.
  5. If a patient ask for the services which is not available in our services list or any irrelevant query, our team is not bound to address it at all and the fee paid shall not be refunded at all.
  6. This is patient own responsibility to select the right subject on the form and provide the accurate information related to problems.
  7. Consultation with every single patient will be conducted separately and will not discuss with the group of patients at the same time.
  8. If a patient need the further check-up or need any treatment that will be as per the suggestion of the consultant but not the patient.
  9. Once the discussion has been closed by the team and your specified time was over, your account will be closed and will resume if you hire a new consultation again.
  10. In one consultation, you can discuss the all relevant issues you are facing due to that specific problem.
  11.  Our team will contact you as early as they receive the payment confirmation and set up online meeting time within the next 3 working days. Any inconvenience or delay would be sincerely apologetic.
  12. The discussion/opinion given by the team would not be liable to be used for legal proceeding.
  13. All disputes arising out of the above said discussion with the team or any of his subsidiary will be subject to jurisdiction of Islamabad (Pakistan) Court only.
  14. Most of the medicines used for the treatments are Herbal, Botanicals, Like Cures like and cell salt.
  15. We don’t guarantee recovery from any problem, we give the best possible suggestions and treatment.
  16. We don’t take any responsibility if anyone gets and side effect or any other Harmful effects due to any hidden information of the patient or what so ever due to our Advice or Treatment.

Terms and conditions for Payments, Cancellation and Refunds:

  1. We have to two type of online consultation,
  • First option is a onetime consultation with sexologist, our consultancy fee will be PKR 2500.
  • Second option is your consultation account will be valid for 3 months and during that period you can consult for your problems on 3 different times and consultancy fee for that Package is PKR 5000.

All the online consultation accounts will be valid for 3month from the date of making the online consultation payment.

  1. We can accept payments through online bank transfers, Mobi cash, u paisa and easy paisa.
  2. It is patient own responsibility to provide right information in bank or any case of transfer of money if consultation fee isn’t transfer to our account we are not bound to assist you.
  3. Once you make the payment for the Consultation, it can’t be cancelled/refundable.
  4. If you will not available to online consultation on the specified time, your token will be cancelled after the 30 minutes of allowed meeting time.
  5. If in any case due to any technical reason the user is not able to consult the problem, please timely contact our help center to get the best available alternate but the fee in any case will not be returned.

Shipping and Delivery Policy

  1. If the patient requires any type of treatment then, we will inform the charges of it, and courier you the medication our courier boy will collect cash and handover the medicines within Pakistan.
  2. The required medication will be provided from the clinic or if the patient can’t come or don’t want to come then in that case it will be dispatched within 7 working days.
  3. In case of any loss/damage while sending the medicines by any means of transport, Imranz clinic will not be held responsible and the money will not be returned.
  4. This is the patient own responsibility to provide the accurate contact information and address for the shipping purpose if in a case medicines were return due to incorrect address we will charge the twice courier charges for sending the medication again.
  5. Online counselling is advised only to the people those can’t come to clinic or at the station where our clinic didn’t exist otherwise a one to one meeting at clinic is more preferable.
  6. If any parcel/medicine remains undelivered or returns back to us due to any change in International/National Policies of any country or any other reason, then that will not be sent again.

Contacting Us 

If you need further more information and clarification about our policy or our services, you are most welcome. Please send us the email on the below given address.