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How to do a Kegel Exercise the Easiest

How to do a Kegel Exercise the Easiest

September 8, 2023, by Dr. Samreen Asad

Kegel workout

How to Do a Kegel Exercise the Easiest

Kegel exercises are a well-known way to help people with sexual problems. The muscles in the pelvis can get stronger if you learn this method. More guys than men who come out have problems with their sexuality. More guys are saying that they aren’t happy with their sexual lives and that there are problems. It could be because they have too much work or because they think too much.

Mental health problems are also getting worse, and this is a direct cause of sexual dysfunction. Most guys suffer in silence and don’t ask for help from experts. Living with sexual problems can be frustrating and may make it harder to be at peace with yourself. Our society’s main goal is to make people afraid of and judge anything that doesn’t fit the standard. Early in life, a person learns what is right and what is wrong. When something is against the rules, we tend to hide it and keep it a secret for the rest of our lives.

Not everyone has the courage to stand up and say what they think. People are very careful because they are afraid of being judged and looking bad. The person who has the secret tends to keep it close to their heart and avoid the results. It affects both the person with the problem and their partner, which is something we often forget. Even though you’re not hurting your own mental health, your partner is.

The right thing to do is to be honest with your partner about the problem and talk to them about it. Contact the best sexologist doctor in India once they trust you and you’re ready to get the help you need.

IMRANZ CLINIC Men’s Health Clinic has the best sexologists who can figure out what’s wrong with you and give you the best treatment for it.

The most common sexual problems in men are not being able to get an erection and ejaculating too soon.

What does it mean to ejaculate too soon?

If you come within a minute of getting into bed with your partner, it’s considered premature. It’s also embarrassing and can make men’s orgasms weaken. It can be caused by problems with hormones, weak pelvic muscles, infections, erectile dysfunction, sadness, anxiety, and other things. A good sexologist will write down your personal and medical background and give you questionnaires to fill out. If lab tests are needed, you will get them, and the sexologist will make the final decision after looking at all the results.

Patients with mental illnesses are often told to go to therapy.

A few behavioural methods can be used to treat premature ejaculation. One of the best ways to stop early ejaculation is to do Kegel exercises. There are also drugs, condoms that are thicker, and gels that make the pain go away.

Patients with mental illnesses are often told to go to therapy.

What is erection trouble?

If you can’t get or keep an erection, you have erectile dysfunction. It can make your relationship hard and make you feel frustrated.

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by a number of things, some of which are physical and some of which are mental. Stress and anxiety are the main mental causes of erectile dysfunction. Stress can cause poor performance, and bad performance can be caused by stress. The loop is never broken, and mental health keeps getting worse.

In addition to mental issues, medical problems can also cause sexual dysfunction. Men can have trouble getting and keeping an erection because of health problems like heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, autoimmune diseases like multiple sclerosis, nerve diseases like Parkinson’s disease, cancer, and so on.

Medicines or injections can be used to help with erectile dysfunction. Men can get an erection with the help of hoover machines. Men with ED can get shockwave therapy, which has shown positive results.

What is a Kegel Exercise?

Kegel exercises are a surefire way to strengthen the pelvic muscles, and sexual problems are usually caused by weak pelvic muscles. Here’s how to do the Kegel practice in the easiest way possible:

Kegal Workout

  • To do the Kegel exercise, you have to know which muscles are being used.
  • Try to hold your urine while you pee to see how the muscles work.
  • Imagine you are holding back gas to find the right group of muscles.
  • Once you understand how to do something, try to do it again to be sure.
  • You can now hold these muscles for 10 seconds three times.
  • Pull in with all your might and take it easy.
  • Lay down or sit down to start the workout.

Do the set three times a day.

It doesn’t matter if you do it before or after a meal. The exercise has nothing to do with stomach muscles, so you can do it at any time of the day.

  • Slowly go from a few seconds to 60 or 70 seconds.
  • Don’t change the time in a day too much. Every few days, add 5 seconds to the length of time.
  • In the end, you should try to do five sets for a minute three times a day.

Talk to the best sexologist in Islamabad/Rawalpindi to find out what kind of treatment will help you the most.

Most treatments for premature ejaculation involve changes in behaviour, such as:

  • Masturbation: Do it two to three hours before you try to get sexual. It can make it take longer for you to ejaculate.
  • Distraction: Think about something unrelated when you feel like you’re about to ejaculate.
  • Start-Stop Technique: You can stimulate yourself with or without a partner and stop just before you have an orgasm. Then you wait until the feeling is totally gone before starting over.

Similar to the start-stop method, the squeeze method has you or your partner squeeze the penis right before you ejaculate.

Sexual problems can be very bad for a man. Most people find it hard to talk about it, let alone ask for help. Anyone can have trouble getting an erection or ejaculating before they should. Even if your sexual life is great, it can still affect you. It could happen for a lot of different reasons. Erectile dysfunction is not something to be taken lightly because it can be a sign of other health problems.

A person is happy and more content when their sexual life is good. The partners give each other mental support, which makes them feel validated and safe. Even for guys who are single, it gives them a sense of normalcy and makes them happy. Sexual problems tend to make people feel more stressed and anxious. Anxiety makes it harder to do well and hurts the male ego. Men have to deal with what they have and suffer in silence because of the shame.

Everything should change along with the times. Talk to your friends about the problems and find out if they feel the same way. You might also help someone in need, which will make you feel better about yourself and get you the respect you need.

It makes no sense to accept the disorder as a way of life. Seeing the best sexologist in Delhi just once can change your life for the better. The sexologists are experts who know more than anyone else about your condition. The evaluation will be made with the help of the right consultations and tests. After figuring out what’s wrong, they can use the latest technologies to give the best care.

The sexologist will also suggest simple techniques and changes to your way of life that can stop the disorder from getting worse.

What are Kegel movements, and why do you want to do them?

Kegel routines are a type of exercise that is meant to strengthen the muscles in the pelvic floor. These muscles help support the bladder and can help stop accidents from happening.

How can I tell which muscles are on my pelvic floor?

Try to stop the flow of urine while you’re peeing to find your pelvic floor muscles. The main action of a Kegel exercise is the tightening you feel. But you shouldn’t do this often because it can weaken your muscles and hurt your bladder and kidneys.

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