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How to Conceive a Baby Boy

How to Conceive a Baby Boy

March 1, 2023, by Dr Javed Iqbal

Some parents who have tried techniques say that it is possible to influence the gender of their child. Here, we offer services on how to conceive a baby boy.

Remember, each sperm carries either an (X) or (Y) sex chromosome. A sperm that carries an X-chromosome will make a daughter, and a sperm that carries a Y-chromosome will make a son. In our consultation, we tell and use specific medicines (natural and homeopathic) for our clients for specific characteristics to increase their ability to conceive a boy or girl.

It is a fact that Y-sperm are fast-moving and more likely to ‘beat’ X-sperm to fertilize eggs. However, they are also quite weak and might not survive long. The Y-sperm also prefers an alkaline environment.

Alternatively, the X-sperm is slow-moving but very tough. They can stay up to 4 days waiting for an egg without weakening or dying. An acidic environment is favorable for X-sperm because Y-sperm can’t tolerate that PH level.

Essentially, the Y-sperm would win a race against the X-sperm towards the egg. However, an X-sperm would win against a Y-sperm in tough internal conditions. Our consultant, a senior and well-known homeopath, Dr. Javed Iqbal (author of books on these topics), uses different methods and specific remedies to overcome the acidic or alkaline environment to fulfill the choice of gender selection.

baby boy.

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