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10 Reasons Why Having A Baby Boy Is The Greatest Joy In Your Life

10 Reasons Why Having A Baby Boy Is The Greatest Joy In Your Life

March 2, 2023, by  Dr Javed Iqbal

Conceiving a boy in South Asian countries is a pretty big deal from a cultural perspective. In these countries, people worship several forms of female deities. But when it comes to a child, they will mostly prefer a son. The apparent reasons for this preference are:

  • Sons can carry the bloodline ahead (family lineage)
  • Girls are considered to be a financial burden during marriage.
  • Girls are apparently more vulnerable to crime (rape, sexual assault)

Since boys bond differently with their parents than girls, certain experiences will be exclusive to you if you are the parents of a baby boy.

Read the post below to find a list of interesting things that make your relationship with your baby boy more treasured and special:

  • You will have a best friend for life.
  • You get to try adventurous things.
  • You’ll realize that those little formal daddy clothes are cute.
  • You can play rough games and also invite them into your world.
  • Your baby boy will be soft, too. Your baby boy could be a tough guy, but you will realize boys are soft and sensitive as well.
  • You can teach him to grow up into a gentleman.
  • You’ll experience less emotional turmoil at home.
  • Your baby boy will most likely have beautiful friendships as he grows up.
  • Your baby boy will have a special bond with Daddy too.
  • He would look for you in every woman he met.

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