Male Infertility

Male Infertility Treatment

Male infertility is insufficient sperm production, defective sperm function, or obstructions that hinder sperm delivery. Infections, injuries, chronic health problems, lifestyle choices, and other factors can all contribute to male infertility treatment.

What Do You Need to Know About Male Infertility Or Impotence In Male?

Male infertility refers to any health condition in a guy that reduces the likelihood that his female spouse will become pregnant. Only about 13 out of 100 couples are unable to conceive during unprotected sex. Infertility affects both men and women for a variety of reasons. More than a third of cases of infertility have a male factor.
A disorder of the reproductive system is infertility. It prevents a person from becoming a parent. Either a guy, a woman, or both may be impacted. Male infertility can be addressed, and there are numerous options available. As well as Imranz Clinic is the best option for male infertility treatment in Pakistan and male infertility treatment in Islamabad.

How Male Infertility Happens?

Male infertility is characterised by insufficient sperm production, defective sperm function, or sperm obstructions that hinder sperm delivery. Also, illnesses, injuries, chronic health problems, lifestyle choices, and other factors.

Various Causes Of Male Infertility:

The most prevalent causes of male infertility are issues in producing healthy sperm. Sperm may be immature, unusually shaped, or incapable of swimming. You may not have enough sperm in various instances. Alternatively, you may not produce any sperm.

Physical Causes:

    1. Tobacco smoking
    2. Using alcoholic beverages.
    3. Taking certain illegal drugs.
    4. Obesity is a problem.
    5. Having particular infections in the past or current.
    6. Being subjected to poisons.
    7. The testicles are overheated.
    8. Having been subjected to testicular trauma.

Psychological Causes

Some of the following can lead to psychogenic impotence, which exacerbates the emotions of inadequacy that come with infertility.

  • Stress
  • Despair
  • Remorse
  • Worry

Biological Causes

  • Infections or inflammatory diseases Infection with the mumps virus after puberty is one case.
    · Problems with the pituitary gland or hormones
  • Immune issues in which antibodies are produced against your sperm
  • Environmental and behavioural factors Tobacco use, heavy alcohol use, marijuana or steroid use, or exposure to pollutants are examples.
  • Cystic fibrosis and hemochromatosis are examples of genetic illnesses.

Diagnosis Of Male Infertility:

History and External Examination

Your medical and surgical histories will be taken by your doctor. Your provider will want to know about any factors that may affect your fertility. These could include reproductive system problems, low hormone levels, illness, or accidents.

Treatment Of Male Infertility:

  1. Surgery
    A varicocele, for example, can often be surgically rectified, as can an obstructed vas deferens. Prior vasectomies are reversible.
  2. Infection Treatment
    Antibiotic treatment may cure a reproductive tract infection, but it does not necessarily restore fertility.
  3. Treatments For Problems In Sexual Intercourse.
    In cases of erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, medication or counselling can assist increase fertility.
  4. Hormone Therapy And Medication
    Here, your doctor may offer hormone replacement or drugs.
  5. Technology For Assisted Reproduction (ART)
    Depending on your condition and needs, ART treatments may involve acquiring sperm by regular ejaculation, surgical extraction, or donor persons.

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