Egg Health – Quality/Quantit

Egg Health “ Quality/Quantity

Female age is important when considering probability for getting pregnant because it is very much related to egg quality, which in turn is crucial in determining embryo quality. Increased infertility rates with aging are well documented and apparent in our society.The real issue is egg quantity and quality which translates into embryo quality after fertilization.
Egg quantity, also referred to as ovarian reserve, is the number of eggs a woman has remaining for the future.In general, egg quantity is also closely related to age, but it can vary dramatically at any age.

Have you been told any of These Things?

a- You are the problem and your problem is the ‘age factor.
a- You are a poor responder.
a- The genetic material of your eggs is likely unstable.

How did this happen?

It happened because we all changed the environment within which our eggs were growing. Our Natural Fertility Plan allowed eggs to grow in a very nutrient rich and energy rich soup.
Our ages did not change. The eggs were our eggs. But with these specially crafted programs, our eggs were enriched in a way modern science is not able to enrich them. Modern science can stimulate the ovaries to make more eggs, but not better quality eggs. Only you can do that.
a- The first key to our success is that every Fertility Plan is personalized.
Your plan is crafted one on one with consulted, someone who has the ability to craft for you a fertility strategy unique for you and your situation.
a- The second key is that our basic fertility strategy brings more energy, more vitality to your body, and to your eggs.
A natural medicine for fertility is the study of the body’s energy. This is the great secret and the great gift of this natural medicine. Your eggs are needing not only nutrient rich foods to develop well but also to be flowing in a wave of good energy, feeding on that energy as they grow, every minute of every day. Increased vitality is critical for your success. Your eggs need your energy to thrive. And when you have good nutrition and increased vitality your picture starts to move. As you feel these changes your numbers will also move. You have a high probability of changing the reports. These are the secrets to turning back your biological clock.

We can show you how to

a- Renew and rejuvenate yourself
a- Renew and rejuvenate your reproductive function
a- Increase your odds of conceiving

Your Eggs:

The truth about our eggs is complicated.
a- Even before you are born your ovaries are full of millions of eggs.
a- Those numbers drop to hundreds of thousands by your teenage years.
a- When you are getting close to menopause you still have thousands of eggs.
So how can you be told that your ovarian reserve is low?
Why are you told you are a low responder?
Why are you told your eggs are old and fractured?
You are told those things because that is what the ultrasounds and other tests for levels of FSH and AMH record. And statistically low reserve, low responding and poor quality eggs line up with those numbers. The truth is that almost all women are able to change those reports. And there is good science behind this thinking.

There are three issues here:

1. The number of eggs,
2. The quality of the eggs and
3. Our hormonal fluctuations.
We are told we have a finite number of eggs and that the numbers of those eggs becomes less and less as we age. It is true that we have eggs when we are born and that number becomes less, however there is more to it than that.

How We Make New Eggs?

You may be making new eggs. This would parallel the function of germ-line stem cells in males, which make new sperm throughout the male’s fertile life. This makes sense because the body likes to have back up for many of its most important functions.
You have two lungs but you can function with one. You have two kidneys but you can live with only one. We have two ovaries but it only takes one for a successful pregnancy.

The Quality of Your Egg:

The DNA of your eggs can become a little less stable as you age but your eggs are actually more like tiny seeds than the eggs you think of at the grocery store. These little seeds need food and energy to evolve properly.As your egg prepares for ovulation, it is responding to the body system around it in the same way that every part of your body responds to your body system.
If there is a good flow of energy and if the quality of the blood feeding your system is good, then your eggs will be better quality. They will look better under the microscope and they will respond better. The DNA will be more stable.If you improve the quality of the health of your body “ then the quality of your eggs will also be improved.

If your body is being subjected to

a- Poor diet
a- Constant stress hormones
a- Smoking
a- Toxic Drugs
a- Excessive Alcohol
Then your egg development will respond negatively.
The Good News is Imran’z Medical Center recognizes that each woman is different and so each woman needs to be helped in with a different strategy.
We are fertility experts our professionals who can help you by creating an individualized Natural Fertility Plan. During your consultation your herbalist will listen to you and then devise a plan that fits your lifestyle, your schedule and your budget.After starting treatment you will see positive changes in the quality of your life. You may feel more energy; have better digestion, better sleep, and positive changes in your menses. Keeping in touch with your herbalist means that they can monitor your progress and adjust for faster healing.
a- Your Goal Is A Healthy Baby In A Healthy Body “ It’s Up to you to provide the Healthy Body
a- Our goal is to help you make your biological age far younger than your chronological age. And as you are doing this you will feel the difference.