Asthenozoospermia Treatment

Asthenozoospermia is frequently related to sperm physical imperfections that might result from congenital diseases. Asthenozoospermia is  treatment also known to be caused by DNA fragmentation.

What Do You Need To Know About Asthenozoospermia Treatment

Men who have asthenozoospermia, and infertility disorder, generate sperm that has low motility. The sperm’s motility refers to its capacity for quick, straightforward motion. For fertility treatment, it is a necessary condition. The likelihood that the sperm will effectively fertilize the egg in the female reproductive system is decreased by decreased sperm motility.
Three components of a single sperm have been determined to exist:

  1. The genetic material-containing head.
  2. Cells in the subordinate, which is where the tail’s movement is powered.
  3. The sperm’s tail, which is also known as the flagellum, helps it move ahead.

How Does Asthenozoospermia Happens?

Infertility is brought on by asthenozoospermia, which prevents the sperm from producing the cell necessary energy for easy sperm swimming into a woman’s uterus. Sperm motility is very important to the process of conception. To quickly pass through the reproductive tract, swim up into the uterus, and eventually pass through the walls of the egg to fertilize the ovum, the ejaculated sperm is required.
Men with renal disorders and other genetic anomalies tend to have higher asthenozoospermia. However, it’s crucial to remember that men with asthenozoospermia can still become pregnant through in vitro fertilization if only sperm motility is compromised but the value is unaffected.
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Various Causes Of Asthenozoospermia

  • Sperm production issues. These issues might be hormonal (such as Klinefelter’s syndrome) or hereditary.
  • Low sperm count may result from testicular damage and diseases that damage the genitalia.
  • Nutritional deficits and anemia Low sperm count may also result from a lack of certain minerals, such as zinc, selenium, vitamin C, etc.
  • Getting too hot, Excessive heat from baths, hot tubs, and other sources may reduce sperm count and quality.
  • Smoking is known to lower sperm counts and sperm longevity, which may affect male fertility.

Physical Causes

Complete asthenozoospermia can be brought on by:

  • Metabolic disorders,
  • Sperm flagellum ultrastructural anomalies
  • Necrozoospermia.
  • It lowers the quality of sperm, making it one of the main reasons for male infertility or decreased fertility.

Psychological Causes

  • Infertile People are substantially affected by difficulties with depression, stress, and anxiety.
  • Infertile men had depression scores that were noticeably higher than those of fertile couples.

Diagnosis Of Asthenozoospermia

Fresh semen samples are examined under the microscope to verify sperm immobility and determine the causes to diagnose asthenozoospermia. Sperm motility can also be lost as a result of contact with spermicides, latex (condoms), harsh conditions, and time between creation and the final test.

Treatment Of Asthenozoospermia

Various nutritional supplements, minerals, and natural resources are also available that are believed to help with poor sperm counts.
Regarding potential therapies, two approaches could help restore or perhaps enhance normal sperm morphology.

Organic Remedies

It’s critical to maintain a healthy lifestyle and give up harmful practices that could harm the comprehensiveness of sperm, especially sperm quality.

Medication-Based Therapy

There are various drugs out there that can be utilized to improve sperm quality and lessen morphological problems. But this only helps in moderate cases of sperm disorder-related male infertility.

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