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Teratospermia is the presence of large numbers of sperm with an abnormal appearance in a man's semen.When more than 40% of the sperm have malformations, it can interfere with fertility, and the man may have trouble getting his partner pregnant. There are several treatment options, depending on the underlying cause. A fertility specialist can meet with patients to discuss the best approach to treatment, given the situation and the end goals.



The presence of abnormally-shaped sperm can negatively affect fertility by preventing transport through the cervix and/or preventing sperm from adhering to the ovum. Achieving a pregnancy may be difficult.

In testing for teratozoospermia, sperm are collected, stained and analyzed under a microscope to detect abnormalities. These abnormalities may include heads that are large, small, tapered, or pyriform or tails that are abnormally shaped



Sometimes the cause of teratospermia is an underlying disease like celiac disease.Metabolic and hormonal imbalances are common culprits, as they can interfere with the process of sperm maturation, and may create abnormalities like unusually large or small heads or malformed tails. 


Why do we worry about abnormally shaped sperm?

A lot of men who have a normal count of 50 million per ml with 98% abnormal sperm often ask me – I have 1 million normal sperm – why can’t I get my wife pregnant? After all, I need only 1 sperm to fertilize the egg! This is because abnormally shaped sperm are not capable of fertilizing the egg, because they do not function properly. And if 98% of the sperm being produced in the testis are functioning abnormally, the fertilizing (functioning) ability of the remaining 2% sperm is bound to be suspect!



Treatment of Teratospermia (Abnormal Sperm Morphology) is available at Imran'z Medical Center through our advanced infertility treatment protocol which includes, in addition to customized homeopathic treatment, advice regarding nutritional supplements in exact quantity to be taken for permanent cure of abnormal sperms.  While our Infertility treatment protocol will help in the treatment of abnormal sperm morphology, it will also boost the total sperm count and sperm motility.


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Our mission is to share our valuable knowledge with other couples who are struggling with these problems. If you are in this situation, the most important thing to know is that you are the most powerful player in this game. What you can do for yourself is life changing. Only you have the chance to recover balance naturally.