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Nipple Reshaping

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Purpose of Nipple Reshaping

To alter the shape, size or appearance of the nipple.


Procedure of Nipple Reshaping

This procedure should be carried out by a surgeon with relevant skills and experience in an establishment registered with the Healthcare Commission.


There are two main treatments within nipple reshaping: nipple reduction and correcting nipple inversion. Both operations take place under a local anaesthetic and can last up to one hour.


Nipple reduction involves cutting two circles: one around the circumference of the areola (the brownish area around the nipple) and one where the outer edge will be after surgery. The skin in between these two lines is removed and the skin pulled together and sewn.

To correct nipple inversion, the surgeon will make an incision around the lower half of the nipple and free the tissue behind it which is holding it inwards, this will allow the nipple to protrude as desired.


Nipple reshaping can also be performed using fat transfer to create a more projected nipple.


Time off from work can be minimal and as sutures will probably be dissolvable, they will not need to be removed.


Result of Nipple Reshaping

The nipple/areola will appear smaller or the previously inverted nipple will now protrude.


Risk of Nipple Reshaping

Although the surgery leaves permanent scars, they fade very well as they are hidden in the change in skin tone between the nipple and the areola. There may be an asymmetry of the nipples or a permanent loss of feeling in and around the nipple.


For women, nipple reshaping can leave you unable to breastfeed.


Considering cosmetic surgery?

Before You Start

It is also possible to correct inverted nipples without surgery, by using suction devices that gradually suck the nipple out. This process can take one to three months and you should consider this route before surgery.


Women with inverted nipples often believe they will be unable to breastfeed. This isn't always the case - so consult your doctor before deciding to have surgery. Some women actually find nipple reshaping stops them being able to breastfeed