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Penis Pump

Penis Pump for Enlargement:

The vacuum method of penis enlargement is commonly known as the penis pump. This is a cylinder that is fitted over the penis work by drawing out the air surrounding the penis and then increasing the blood flow to the penis. It stretches the penis muscles and tissues which help in increasing the length and girth of the penis. As vacuum increases, the difference between the inner blood pressure and the pump pressure increases as well. This helps in making the erection harder and stronger.

The effectiveness of penis pumps for permanent penis enlargement has been examined by our  medical experts. Studies show that men with a penis length less than approximately 5 inches (10 cm) found significant change in penile length after using pumps for six months.

Advantages of using Penis Pump:

►Instant results within first session

►Great for promoting blood flow and increase penis girth

►It can also be used to cure erectile dysfunction

►Helps in making penis muscles stronger


Penis pumps can be an important part of the penis enlargement process. But remember, just like anything else, too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. Don't overdo it.

In Imran'z Clinic  our experts recommend the following routine for better results.

►1st Week                  1×10 Minutes Sessions per Day

► 2nd Week                1×15 Minute Sessions per Day

►3rd Week                  2×10 Minute Sessions per Day

► 4th Week                 2×15 Minute Sessions per Day

►5th Week                  1×20 Minute +  1×10 Minute Sessions per Day

► 6th Week                 2×20 Minute Sessions per Day

►7th Week                  3×20 Minute Sessions per Day