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Vaginal Tightening

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Vaginal Tightning:

Female genitals loose natural dimensions by time. Reasons of loosing contraction of vagina are more then one and most common is post child delivery bagginess. Others reasons of loosing contraction are routine sexual intercourse, improper workout in pre-marital stage and due to certain ailments or surgery. Females consider health and beauty issues most important in their life these days. Well-known facts and recipes for beautification are accepted nowadays and females are also cautions for their genitals health and beauty.


Vaginal Pessaries: Virgin therapy is introduced for females to rejuvenate their genital contraction, health and beauty similar to virginity. Purpose of therapy is to provide contraction and beauty of vagina which leads to genuine feminine magnetism essential for true sexual pleasure and healthy married life. Therapy is in form of 3 easy-insert pessaries to be inserted in vagina, 1 pessary every 3rd day at night. Effect of therapy is long lasting.The purpose of therapy is to provide extreme sensation and satisfaction to couples in sexual intercourse. "Virgin" renders vaginal beauty parallel to adolescents phase. Therapy provides vaginal contraction, remolds inner, outer and adjoining segments of vagina for overall beauty of female.

Risk Factor: Therapy is free of any risk sinc it is prepared by natural herbs without any blend of chemical. Elements combination is executed according to Ayurvedic prose. There are no side effects of the therapy, it only restores the lost contraction and re-shape the adjoining segments of Vagina. Virgin therapy is effective in cure of Vaginal dryness, leucorrhoea, provides menstruation period regulation, invokes sexual desire and cures prolapsed uterus.

Who require virgin Therapy: Female’s lose contraction due to varied reasons e.g. pregnancy, looseness due to improper workout in pre-marital stage, bagginess of vagina due to certain ailments or surgery. Regular sexual play also causes slackness in vagina, hence therapy is recommended to all married females.  

Who require virgin Therapy: Repetition is recommended after child delivery. However therapy can be repeated according to need when looseness established after routine activity.

Additional effects of Therapy: Virgin therapy is effective in cure of vaginal dryness, leucorrhoea, provides menstruation period regulation, invokes sexual desire and cures prolapsed uterus.Virgin therapy is an affordable, safe and effective solution comparative to extremely expensive series of surgery.