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HCG Diet Drops

Introducing first time in Pakistan, a natural weight-loss program that not only reduces fat but also eliminates food and carbohydrate cravings. Along with a faster metabolism, the weight loss program ensures that weight once reduced is not gained rapidly after the program has ended.

100% natural weight loss plan with no side-effects, the weight-loss program starts showing results within the 2nd week by focusing on the areas that the body stores fat in excessively (thighs/chin).

This weight loss program is ideal for people with;

 High physiological hunger

 Hormonal Imbalances

 Post child delivery bagginess

 Low metabolism

 Uncontrollable urges to eat

 Abnormal fat reserves

PCOS(Polycystic ovary syndrome)


Here we introduce homeopathic HCG also referred to as HCG drops. These are homeopathic supplements that are used for weight loss. HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotrophin, a hormone made when a woman is pregnant. The original HCG diet has been around for several decades. The HCG program that uses HCG drops is a relative newcomer to the weight loss arena but is extremely popular.


HCG Diet Drops the Fast Way to Weight Loss:

Our Top Rated HCG drops have been used by many people who have achieved the weight loss that they desired. HCG ASAP Drops are the highest quality and best-selling HCG drops Our HCG drops contain 150 iu's of HCG hormone for every 36 drops taken daily. Our HCG Drops contain the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone. Our desire for you is to reach your weight loss goal so you also get full HCG Diet Instructions, weight loss tips, recipes and a diet tracker to track your weight loss.


HCG Diet Drop Benefits:

 Rapid weight loss

Users report average weight loss of 1 lb per day

No exercise required

No jittery feeling like diet pills

HCG targets fat loss not muscle

No prescription needed


HCG Drops was designed to help both men and women who want to lose weight in a safe and affordable manner using the HCG weight loss program. (HCG) Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a hormone that is present in both men and women. Dr. Imran Sheikh developed a diet protocol that suggests one can lose weight and not be hungry while maintaining a low calorie diet. HCG can be taken orally and does not have to be injected. No diet will work without a commitment to becoming healthy. The goal of the HCG protocol is to lose weight in a healthy manner.