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Loss Of Libido

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Loss Of Libido:

A low libido refers to a lack of sexual desire or interest in having sexual intercourse. While low libido can affect both sexes, it is more commonly reported in women than in men. It’s important not to confuse a low libido with an outright lack of ability to achieve an orgasm. The problem with having a low libido is that it is often a result of sexual thoughts becoming less frequent, arousal being slowed – resulting in an increased time to reach climax, a psychological reluctance to engage in sexual activity, and so on. The list, unfortunately, goes on.



Pain during Intercourse or Other Sexual Activity(Vaginismus):When a woman experiences an Uncomfortable Feeling or any sort of pain, They often wish to no longer initiate sexual activity for a Period of time. This is a subconscious effect. Pain may also stem from Health complications like a cyst or any type of infection or disease.

Childbirth:After the birth of a Child, Hormone levels in a Woman’s body are out of whack. This is an extremely common reason why women have a lower libido.

Obesity:Women who are classified as obese are often found to be lacking a variety of sex hormones, Which results in a disinterest in sexual activity.

Pregnancy:Much Like Childbirth, Hormones Are Affected Throughout The Pregnancy Period.

Illness:Diabetes and other serious health problems may spawn several different causes for a lack of sexual interest, such ss dryness in the vagina, Nerve damage, and Hormonal imbalance. 

Alcoholism:Contrary to popular belief, Alcohol’s effects on the body decrease a Human Being’s sex drive and hinder Performance. 

►Drug Use: Illegal substances (And even prescription / over-the-counter medication) Sometimes have the ability to counter-act a woman’s sex drive.

►Menopause: Last but not least is the change of life. While studies are not conclusive on whether or not Menopause diminishes female libido, It is important to consider this anyway. Better safe than sorry.A low libido is not only caused by physical issues, but by psychological ones as well! In fact, it is often much more common for a woman to be suffering from a lack of sexual desire due to a psychological cause, over a physical one.


Psychological Causes:

►A Rocky Relationship  Our quality of life is often directly related to the quality of the relationship that exists between us and our partner.If your head is cluttered with pressing issues related to your relationship or Marriage, you won’t be as interested in sex.

►The Bills, Chores And So On: The infamous lifestyle stressors such as paying the bills, cleaning the house, managing life these can be the cause of sexual Dysfunction in women.

►Anxiety, Depression, Loss Of Interest: These are probably the issues with the strongest effect on the sex drive. You may consider seeking medical counsel to have these problems rectified right away. When being prescribed a medication, Inquire as to the potential effect the drugs themselves may have on your Sex live. 

Abuse,sexual,Emotional or Physiccal- Past or Present:Obviously such encounters during any point in your life will have an effect on your ability to develop an interest in Sex.


Symptoms Of Loss Of Libido:

The symptoms and signs of low libido include reduced sexual desire, less frequent sexual thoughts and fantasies, and a reluctance to initiate sex. A lack of desire for sex still occurs even when there have been no sexual encounters for days, weeks, or even months.

Other symptoms are:


Chronic Unexplained Pain

Muscle Pain

Dry Mouth



Treatment Of Loss Of Libido:  

Low libido can be treated by taking the detailed history of the patient which includes reduced sexual desire, less frequent sexual thoughts and fantasies, and a reluctance to initiate sex.