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Sexual Aversion Disorder

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Sexual Aversion Disorder (SAD):

Sexual Aversion Disorder (SAD)Sexual Aversion Disorder is phobic aversion to and avoidance of sexual contact with a sexual partner, which causes personal distress.

This is the most severe form of sexual desire disorder. It involves a fear of sexual intercourse and an intense desire to avoid sexual situations completely.In heterosexual men this is often related to an aversion to a woman's vagina or genitals. He may be repulsed by the outward looks or the smell of her vagina.A man's reaction to his partner's body and sexuality can greatly impact the quality of their relationship.




Sexual abuse



Parental sexual attitudes

Anxieties about a person's sexual performance

Unresolved sexual identity issues

Relationship problems

Fear of blood on the penis after penetration

Fear of transmission of sexually transmitted infections

Fear of pregnancy


Symptoms of Sexual Aversion Disorder: 

Some people naturally have periods in their life when they don't desire sexual activity or pleasure, but when this lack of desire lasts a long time or begins to have serious consequences in a person's life, it may be a sign of sexual aversion disorder. If anxiety and other symptoms associated with panic attacks appear before, during or even at the thought of sexual activity, it may point to sexual aversion disorder being a problem. Ignoring the symptoms of sexual dysfunctions won't make them go away and could make the problems worse.

Treatment for Sexual Aversion Disorder: 

It is important to deal with the root cause of this disorder as well as the symptoms that appear - both physical and psychological. The trained therapists who specialize in sexual disorders or traditional psychotherapy with modern technology is a good way to get treatment for sexual aversion disorder when and where it is needed. A healthy sex life is part of the human experience and adds to the quality of life, which is why treatment is recommended.


Sex therapy/counselling for Sexual Aversion Disorder may include some of the following:

Anxiety reduction/desensitization

Cognitive restructuring techniques

Sexual myths/psychosexual education

Enhancing communication

Promoting sexual intimacy

Behavioural assignments/homework exercises