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Counseling is an interpersonal helping relationship which begins with the client exploring the way they think, how they feel and what they do, for the purpose of enhancing their life.The client determines and declares to the counselor what the counter-productive behaviors are and then makes decisions about which one(s) will be worked on. The counselor helps the client to set the goals that pave the way for positive change to occur.

Counseling Effectiveness Is Judged By Positive Change(S).

The Client Is The All Important Person In The Dyad. It Is For Them That The Activity Exists...Everything That Goes On Is For The Benefit Of Them.

The Counselor Can Not Merely Do What Comes Naturally. There Must Be A Rationale And Method Guiding, the Counselor's Behaviors, Responses, Etc.

Counseling Is Work, Pain Is Involved, And There Are Costs Associated With It (Emotional, Time, Financial, Energy, Etc.

Thinking, Feeling And Behaving Are Interrelated. Changes In One Area Effects Others.

The Counselor Is A Skilled And Competent Person Who Seeks To Improve Their Performances Via Continued Education And Self-Awareness.

All Clients Come With Their Own Perspectives. Each Is A Unique Individual With Particular Characteristics And Ways Of Dealing With The World.