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Geratherm Ovu Control

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Geratherm Ovu Control

Geratherm Ovu Control

Price: PKR. 8000/-

Package: bag/box
Properties: Fertility Device
Delivery: 6 working days
Minimum Order Quantity: Small Order Acceptable
Type: Fertility Device
Supply Ability 100 Boxes per month - 

Simple and discreet determination of fertile & infertile days.
  • scientifically tested saliva-based method (‘ferning phenomenon‘) – assessment of the dried woman´s saliva sample
  • with mini-microscope (50-fold magnification)
  • easy to use and unlimited usage
  • gives immediate results
  • reliable, precise & hygienic
  • 100 % discreet thanks to lipstick design
  • can be used anywhere & is re-usable
  • clinically tested
  • with cleaning cloth for lens of microscope
  • inclusive DVD with video of practise
A woman cannot become pregnant on just any day; it is only possible on the fertile days around the time of ovulation. This is only a very short period. However, it is difficult to tell exactly when it occurs, because the relevant processes take place inside the female body and differ from one woman to the next.
A woman’s regular and stable menstrual cycle is 28 days in duration. About 14 days after the start of the last period and 15 days before the start of the next period, the rising level of oestrogen in the blood leads to ovulation. The biological characteristics of the egg cell mean that fertilisation is only possible within about 24 hours after ovulation. Since the male sperm cells can survive for up to 72 hours, conception is usually possible during the ‘fertile window’ between about 2 days before and 1 day after ovulation.
Geratherm® family planning products provide you with two well-established methods (temperature and saliva-based method) of determining your time of ovulation and thus finding out in a safe, simple and natural way when your fertile days are. With the early pregnancy test you can determine quickly and easily whether you´re expecting the baby you´re longing for. And the menopause test will help you to determine discreetly whether your menopause has started.