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Penis Pumps (Vacuum)

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Penis Pumps (Vacuum)

Penis Pumps (Vacuum)

Price: PKR. 3500/-

Package: bag/box
Properties: Sex Instruments
Delivery: 6 working days
Minimum Order Quantity: Small Order Acceptable
Type: Pump
Supply Ability 100 Boxes per month


Vacuum Pump, Sex Toy, Sex Toy for Men For years people have been spending thousands of dollars on plastic surgery, gym memberships, exercise equipment, pharmaceuticals, and other products and services to enhance their looks and sex appeal. People spend tons of time working out, dying hair, and time at salons, all to make them for sexually attractive. Penis pumps (Vacuum) and other male enhancement accessories are an inexpensive way to add more to your size and sexual prowess. Penis pumps are a popular item these days! Many men and couples are using them and enjoying penis pumps as a way to add another dimension of hardness into their sexual lives. Some folks are using penis pumps to enlarge their erections, and some folks are simply enjoying masturbation with a penis pump. Specifications/Features: Beautiful and elegant design, a work of art. Made of medical grade plastics. Safe and secure. High quality CE and FDA approved, qualified to sell in USA and EU.