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Pakistan first ISO certified Imranz Clinic Men’s Health Solution Center with Natural energy recovery Treatment (Minerals, Botanical, Like cures like) is working internationally and nationally under the direct care and supervision of Dr. Imran Sheikh. He is the one and only Certified Diplomate Sexologist in Pakistan and also certified in Psychosexual and Relationship Therapy from Middlesex University UK. He had also done diplomas in Venereal Diseases, Sex Education and Eratology.  Dr. Imran Sheikh Pakistan’s first certified psycho sexologist  is among the few qualified and practising certified psycho Sexologists of the Asia. He embarked upon his journey as a pioneer and faced widespread criticism and apprehension from a conservative society. He holds the highest qualification in Psychology and  Psycho sexology – gold medalist – awarded by Quaid-e- Azam Award committee Punjab. Currently, he is the member of CMM Bio Tech international (China) as psycho sexologist in Pakistan. He also served as member of Executive Committee SAHE Editor of Voice of Health and writer of many books on sexual health issues.

Dr. Imran Sheikh's achievements are numerous and extraordinary. He has held the honor of being the chair person of the Imranz Clinic. Dr. Imran Sheikh's principal fields of interest are men and women infertility issues dealing and he successfully deals with the skin issues and give therapy to give shape to the body of ideal type. His recent work on the sexual life and relationship of spouses are published.  His experience is vast and encompasses key national level. His multi-faceted experiences and achievements have thoroughly enriched the Imranz Clinic throughout. 

In Pakistan Imranz Clinic is a first diagnostic center where advanced and internationally approved tools, machinery and energy recovery treatment  are used in the form of bio feedback analyzer which works on the reading capacity of human body cells without any need of blood taking, urine samples or any other samplings of tests that would waste your precious time.

Imranz Clinic gives you FDA approved energy recovery treatment center with an attached reach wing we have been practicing since 2002, which has made our system much more quality conscious than most others in the Pakistan. There may be several certified centers but Imranz Clinic is unique because of certified Sex therapy, central Psychology, and beauty therapy from ISO 9001-2015.

What is a Sexologist?

Sexology is the scientific study of Sexuality. A Sexologist is someone who has studied all areas of sex including anatomy, physiology, sexual development, sexual orientation, the dynamics of Sexual Relationships, as well as the mechanics of sexual contact/acts. A Sexologist looks to other disciplines to understand human sexuality such as history, sociology, psychology, biology, gender studies, and more, in order to see how sex works in the context of social, cultural and religious environments.

A Clinical Sexologist focuses on treating sexual dysfunctions, disorders, and variations, sexual issues such as:

Pre-orgasmia: difficulty reaching orgasm

Painful or Inhibited Intercourse: including vaginismus

Low Sexual Desire

Erectile Dysfunction

Rapid Ejaculation

Delayed or Inhibited Ejaculation

Emotional withdrawal or pushing away a partner

Feeling misunderstood

Dealing with pointless disputes and patterns

Struggles with power

Disagreements over values and priorities

Outside stress seeping into the relationship

Crisis such as infidelity

Exploring relationship options

A Clinical Sexologist will use psychological counseling methods such as cognitive behavioral techniques to identify dysfunctional myths and beliefs surrounding sexuality, sex education and couple’s counseling to empower clients to experience sexuality in a different way.A way that allows more confidence and understanding of their own sexuality and freeing them from sexual misinformation and increase intimacy with a couple.


Dr. M. Imran Sheikh is one of the  luckiest person who offers you people as combination of many services as well blessed advanced practitioner as psycho sexologist in Pakistan since 2002. He had done his Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and further Specialization in Sexology  one year diploma of Human Sexology from U.K. , SPRD (Sexual and Personal Relationship Disorder U.K.) D.H.D.M.( Human Diet and Nutrition U.K.).DV&D (Diploma in Venereology and Dermatology and 4 year diploma of D.H.M.S from NCH Pakistan. M.D. form Zakias  U.K. Members of different health organization since many years and Works with them as trainer Behavior Change Communication IPH .Genetics Behavior change communication of USAID, Green star social marking Pakistan. He is President of SAHE (Society for advancement of Health and Environment) since 2002, Principal of ISD (Institute of Skill Development) since 2005, Editor voice of Health News Paper.

Dr. Imran Sheikh is the one and only Certified  Diplomate Sexologist in Pakistan and also certified in Psychosexual and Relationship Therapy from Middlesex University UK. He had also done diplomas in Venereal Diseases,  Sex Education and Eratology. His areas of expertise are including treatments for individuals and couples with relationship problems, as well as sexual dysfunctions. Many problems associated with couples in relationships or with in marriage stem from sexual relations. Emotional problems within the relationship can create sexual dysfunction. His combined expertise and experience in social work, marriage and family therapy and sexual therapy is unique in the industry of therapeutic services and provides his clients with unique solutions to their relationship problems. His expertise is also internationally to serve humanity  as their sexual issues as well Psychological and Physical complication with natural treatment. Sexual behavior , sexual attitude restricting sexology /sex therapy ,marriage and family relations , sense awareness and development  ,sexual pleasure education and skin treatments.


Imranz Clinic mission is to provide safe, quality, compassionate and affordable healthcare’s services with natural medicines we just not give hope to our patient we give real solutions to the real problems .



Our vision is to empower safe, healthy living by communicating objectives and scientific sexual health (psychological and physical) information with pure nature treatments










Establishment of Imranz Clinic is to give the importance of basic need of life as sexual life. Such problems give many severe imbalances in different relationship.

Imranz Clinic basic aim is to deal those people who face sexual problem, psychological issues, and different infertility problems and my focused is also on the puberty issues and all youth immerging problems (sexual, psychological and physical issues) and natural treatment of skin. In our society where bombardment of different myth and taboos are practicing blindingly which give disgust results to life and relationship both.

I, Dr. Imran Sheikhs give you surety of accurate and natural treatment of your entire problem and give you 100 % confidence of confidentially.  Your personal data at any cost would not be shared to anyone it’s our promise to you all.

Our ethical and social set up not give the chance to the improvement of this sensitive issue openly many of people waste their life having no information and many of people feels shame hesitation to discuss here doctor’s, this behavior leads them to spoil their life is because they do not have accurate information where and how to visit to and whom to discuss their sensitive issue.Once you chose hope any things possible at Imranz Clinic we appreciate your unique suggestion and comments.