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    Most Advanced Daignostic Techonology
    Sexual Power Test
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    sexologist in pakistan
    Sexual Health
    Taking care of your sexual health means more than being free from sexually transmissible infections ...
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    sexologist in pakistan
    Penis Enlargement Therapy
    Penis Enlargement Therapy is a new form of regenerative medicine that utilizes your own blood, where...
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    sexologist in pakistan
    Sexual Transmitted Infections
    Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs, venereal diseases) are among the most common infectious di...
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    sexologist in pakistan
    Infertility means you cannot make a baby (conceive). Infertility is grouped into two categories: ...
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    sexologist in pakistan
    Hymenoplasty /Re virgin Therapy
    HYMNOPLASTY Whether a hymen is ruptured by sexual intercourse or by physical strain and you desire ...
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    our site for female issues
    Imranz Clinic is proud to announce the formal launch of our new website, Six months in developm...

Welcome to Imran'z Clinic

Pakistan first ISO certified Imranz Clinic is working internationally and nationally under the direct care and supervision of Dr. Imran Certifid psycho sexologist in pakistan. Dr. Imran Sheikh certified psycho sexologist  is among the few qualified and practicing certified psycho Sexologists of the country. He has been an avid contributor to the field since over three decades. He embarked upon his journey as a pioneer and faced widespread criticism and apprehension from a conservative society. He holds the highest qualification in homeopathy and Psycho sexology – gold medalist ...[Continue Reading]
There may be several certified clinics but Imran'z Clinic is unique

Achieve Better Lifestyle Let’s Start HEALTHIER Life

psychological services

Psychological services Mr. Shahid Naveed, consult

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female addiction rehabilitation


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Hymen o Plasty/Revirgin Therapy

Hymeno palsty and Revirgin therapy..Female genital

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Treatments at Imran'z services we are providing

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Evaluation Test

Arizona Sexual Experiences Scale
This test is intended for the assessment of sexual...
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Premature Ejaculation Diagnostic Tool
Premature Ejaculation Diagnostic Tool...
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Locke Wallace Marital Adjustment Test
Locke Wallace Marital Adjustment Test...
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Kansas Marital Satisfaction
Kansas Marital Satisfaction...
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Need Reporters For Voice of Health 05 Apr, 2014
ہمیں اپنے میگزین پاک ہیلتھ کے لئے رپورٹرز اور رائیٹرز کی ضرورت ہے خواہشمند خواتین اور حضرات رابطہ کریں...
Vacency Available 30 Nov, -0001
Imranz Clinic need a fresh female psychologist with good confidence level, energatic and hard working....

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Meet Our Team our professionals

  • Dr. M. Imran Sheikh
    Sexologist & Psychologist
    Dr. M. Imran Sheikh sexologist is one of the  luckiest person who offers you people as combination of many services as well blessed advanced...

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  • Dr. Sobia Khateeb
    Family Therapist
    Dr. Sobia Khateeb done her M.S in Clinical Psychology and D.E.H.M.S from Punjab . She is working successfully since last  3 years in different Ci...

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  • Dr.Javed Iqbal
    Homoeo consultant
    Dr Javed Iqbal is well known homoeopathic practitioner in Pakistan. His many books have been published and very appreciated by the physicians as well ...

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  • Shahid naveed
    Consultant psychologist
    Shahid Naveed is a consultant psychologist, psychotherapist and NLP trainer. He is expert in career counselling, marriage and relationship counselling...

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  • Dr.Tasneem Elahi
    Cosmetic surgeon

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  • Dr. Mohammad Kashif
    Dr.Mohammad Kashif is MBBS & Psychiatrist at Imranz Clinic and senior Registrar at Benazir Bhutto Hospital Rawalpindi. He has been into Clinical P...

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  • Dr.Imran Niazi Butt
    Ph.D. (UK, GENDER SELECTION applied), M.A. (PB,), D.H.M.S.(PB, HOMEO), R.H.M.P. (PAK), D.D.N. (SL, NUTRITION), D.H.M. (SL, HERBAl), D.C.S. (PB, COMP.)...

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  • Maria saghir
    Office Coordinator

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  • Samreen Zahoor
    Office Assistant
    Mrs. Samreen is very courageous also a graduate and has been with Imranz Clinic For 3 years. She is ever enthusiastic to make sure that nothing remain...

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What our patients say

  • “The whole staff was outstanding, from reception to the doctor and follow-up, was as good of care as one could ever expect. Thank you Imranz Clinic and Staff".

    - Nazia Kareem Services Testimonial
  • “The doctor was extremely understanding, very courteous, and I would recommend him highly to anybody needing sexual care. I felt like he cared about my suffering and he had a great attitude. You can tell that he is one of those doctors that became a doctor for the right reasons. There just isn’t enough of his kind around anymore!”. Kashif Khan (Pashawar)

    - Kashif Khan Services Testimonial
  • "Thank you for being caring and professional".

    - Unknown Services Testimonial
  • I use the products of Imranz clinic and its effects good. Thank you so much for your exellent work on my Health issue. It was a major help for me.”

    - Ismat Khan Products Testimonials
  • " I am fully satisfied with the service rendered to me by the guys at Imranz Clinic". 

    - Asma Noureen Services Testimonial

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